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To create a more informed public on matters of politics, policy and governance and to ensure activities of elected public officers and political appointees are within the purview of Nigerians.

The ProPolitico is a blog and opinion portal that focuses on the political landscape and various strands of political politics in Nigeria with a straightforward style and brutal honesty. The motivation for the creation of the site was solely to connect its readers to the pulse of politics, politicians and current affairs across the country in a lighter, yet informative format. We are your inside connection to politicos and political influencers around the nation, the media and beyond.

Every day, The ProPolitico connects with its readers to explore the latest political issues and stories. It tries to bring ‘open-source analysis’ from both the mainstream media and the blogosphere. ProPolitico digs deep into issues on current affairs and matters that matter most to its readers, bringing to the fore relevant political updates, commentary on public affairs, as well as abuse of power, and betrayal of public trust by elected officials.

The ProPolitico provides:

  • an information channel focused on politics, policy, public affairs and the business of government that brings government at all levels closer to their citizens;
  • a portal that pulls together breaking news and events from Federal, State and Local governments in Nigeria, with political commentary from a network of columnists.
  • a platform for showcasing and promoting successful governance models and good policies at all levels of government.
  • a platform for investment and economic opportunities available, as well as socio-cultural issues in respective states.
  • a place where government at all levels, communities and businesses could find inspiration for their future initiatives.
  • independent coverage of activities of elected officials in Federal, State and Local Government, including completed and ongoing social transformation and empowerment initiatives, projects and reforms.
  • political commentary, analysis and opinion.
  • fun and mischief at the expense of politicians


We aim to create a movement that is “vigorous and insatiably curious” about issues that reflect on how politics influences all aspects of our daily lives and to enhance the understanding and cohesion between citizens, politicians and government at all levels. The goal is to connect with and keep the citizens informed about the good practices by elected public officers.


Our readership comprises a community of politically engaged readers. We are a trusted source of the latest political news, insight and analysis for government and public sector professionals, including senior managers and key decision-makers at all levels, as well as elected representatives. Widely read and respected, The ProPolitico covers news and in-depth analysis, innovation and best practice examples in all aspects of governance and government operations from around the world. We welcome viewpoints from readers, campaigners and political activists.


With a team of in-house and dedicated independent freelance journalists and bloggers across the country, ProPolitico covers a range of topics including government and politics, business, human rights, criminal justice, the environment, education, health care, youth, employment, sports, immigration, energy, infrastructure development and technology. We aim to be a catalyst for democratic accountability and real change as we focus on stories on matters that matter to all Nigerians in-country and abroad.

It is our hope that our reporting will contribute to the implementation of people-oriented initiatives, the passage of new laws; reversal of harmful policies and practices; curb excesses and ensure accountability for leaders at local, state and national levels.

Our team remains dedicated to carrying forward the important work of informing the public about complex issues, reporting on social transformation and empowerment projects, exposing corruption, and using the power of investigative journalism as a catalyst for change.

The ProPolitico Blog is a pro-democracy, good governance and citizen engagement initiative of Ibile Foundation Ltd/GTE.